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Stand Up Comedian - Performer- Actress - Model 

Mom, look I'm on TV!

Indie Comedie on Business Day Live TV

Indie Comedie was featured on Business Day Live TV. It is a dedicated business channel available to more than 10-million viewers.


Karmen co-founded Indie Comedie in 2015, an initiative to support and develop stand up comedy in South Africa. Karmen produced and directed the show Space dot Comedy at Joburg theatre and continued to eventually be the sole owner of Indie Comedie before pursuing her comedy in New York City.

The Bantu Hour

The Bantu Hour is a South African satirical sketch and variety comedy show created by a comedy troupe comprised of stand-up comedians and professional actors, featuring archetypal South African characters.


Karmen featured in Season 1 of this sketch show.

 KWA - Comrades Ltd -  The Boardroom BEE

KWA is an online comedy channel that delivers uncensored gags in its purest form. The channel is inspired by real life situations. The aim is to feature uncensored skits, promos, ads, short films etc. 


Karmen debuts as Priya Gupta a naive stereotype Indian immigrant ignorant to the politically circumstances of South Africa.

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